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Offer to cooperate.
International marketplace MultMarket.com invites You to participate in a new online project. We are interested in cooperation with production, trade, advertising companies, with business interests and plans for the development of international online business, with the participation of partners from the UK.
We offer accommodation on the Internet portal MultMarket.com information materials business, shopping, advertising and news character. We are ready to provide resource providing the possibility of conducting retail and wholesale trading operations, both within each country and on the international market, as well as to provide a communicative opportunities to find partners from overseas online.
About the project.
Internet portal MultMarket.com format of a trading platform launched in 36 languages international experts in the field of business consulting and online trading. The main objective of the project is to take a leading position in the international market of online trading and to ensure the successful development of the business within each country and between all countries, through the provision of a trading platform and business model online trading using the world's major payment and transport-logistic model. In the state of the trading platforms run by experienced managers and IT specialists, to perform the tasks involved organizations and experts from different countries of the world. The head office is located in Russia.
The standards of work we orientirueshsya on the experience of the leading trading platforms, the specifics and needs of the different markets. Planned large-scale advertising campaign in search engines Googl, Yandex, Rambler, Yahoo in different languages, the interaction with mainstream media, social networking to attract stakeholders from the business community, producers, consumers of goods and services, investors and buyers.
The main competitive advantage of this project is to provide domestic and foreign manufacturers, sellers and buyers, a standardized online information resource for making direct retail, in wholesale purchases and sales with the use of modern methods of payment and delivery, both within each country and around the world.
We invite partners to provide our interests in the UK, to attract buyers and sellers on the trading floor multmarket.com.
You can send introductory information with a brief description of Your company, completed projects, Your plans and opportunities to promote shopping sites, e-mail: zakaz@multmarket.com.

Dear buyers, please note:
- When you open the first page of the trading platform will automatically detect Your location (country, region and city), shows the supply of goods to retail buyers from sellers from Your region and from vendors that deliver to the UK.
- To view the proposals for wholesale buyers need to choose in the "Price" field value is "Wholesale" and click on the "Apply" button. If You are not registered as a wholesale buyer, then the program will prompt You to register.
- Changing the value of the filter fields, You can explore product offerings for different countries, regions and cities; retail and wholesale prices; from manufacturers, wholesalers, Internet and stationary shops.
- To view the supply of goods from foreign sellers in the UK in the "delivery", select "international".

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